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only the facts:
Born 1987
Lives Berlin Neukölln
Apprenticeship as photographer 2006-2009
Focus on portrait, promo and live

Last Monday we had the chance to meet up with Daniel Winter-Bates and Kristan Daswson of Bury Tomorrow. Marko, Monika and myself took the guys sightseeing and did an interview at different famous spots in Berlin.

At 9:30 AM, Monika and I arrived at the hostel. Dani was already awake and waiting for us, along with the band’s TM, Jonny Burgan. After about 5 minutes, Dawson showed up, and we were ready to start our tour. We started out at East Side Gallery, located across the street from the hostel. Monika, our interviewer, is not the best guide for a sightseeing tour as she’s not from Berlin, but my knowledge of the city is, I suppose, good enough. Anyway, we were off to a great start, taking pictures and talking about the Berlin Wall and the investors who want to tear down parts of it to build condos. Dawson was really impressed by the skyline and constantly taking pictures with his iPhone.

Our next stop was Goodies Café, where we met up with Marko and set up the lighting for the interview. It was a great location; really warm and cozy. Jonny wore his thick jacket the whole time, even though it was a a sunny 12 degrees celsius outside and almost 22 degrees celsius inside.
The guys had breakfast (if cake can be considered a breakfast food), and we had a little on-camera talk about their numerous tattoos.
As soon as the first part of the interview was completed, we were off to our next destination, the Brandenburger Gate.

Second part and more pictures coming tomorrow.

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